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Report Release Date Stats Winners Reading List
2021 Q4 28-jan-22 join our ahead network to get on the research call
2021 Q3 30-oct-21 pdf bullets Orgs Geos list
2021 Q1 6-may-21 pdf bullets Orgs Geos list
2020 Q4 28-jan-21 pdf bullets Orgs Geos list
2020 Q3 30-oct-20 pdf bullets Orgs Geos list
2020 Q2 30-jul-20 pdf bullets Orgs list
2020 Q1 3-may-20 pdf bullets Orgs list
2019 Q4 5-feb-20 pdf Orgs list
2019 Q3 24-oct-19 pdf Orgs list
2019 Q1 23-apr-19 pdf Orgs list
2018 Q4 01-feb-19 pdf Orgs list
2018 Q3 18-oct-18 pdf Orgs list
2018 Q2 25-jul-18 pdf Orgs list
2018 Q1 26-apr-18 pdf
2017 Q4 17-jan-18 pdf Orgs
2017 Q3 03-oct-17 pdf Orgs
2017 Q2 30-jun-17 pdf
2017 Q1 04-apr-17 pdf
2016 Q3 05-nov-16 pdf
2016 Q1 15-may-16 pdf
2015 Q3 22-oct-15 pdf
2015 Q1 15-may-15 pdf