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The Three Axes of Micromobility: Supply Chains, Distribution, and Maintenance

Publish Date: 06-01-2021

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Source: Trucks.vc


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Synopsis: Micromobility (micromobility or MM) as an industry has blossomed over the last ~4 years since the term was coined. In 2019, McKinsey estimated that micromobility would be a $300B-$500B industry by 2030, and new estimates adjusted for the effects of the pandemic suggest a further boost of 5%-10% in the number of passenger km traveled. In 2020, according to the NPD group, e-bike sales reached $490.8M in sales in the US alone, resulting in an 144% increase year over year.

Public Link: https://www.trucks.vc/blog/the-three-axes-of-micromobility-supply-chains-distribution-and-maintenance

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