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The economics of vending machines

Publish Date: 03-10-2020

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Source: The Hustle

Author(s): Zachary Crockett

Type: Article

Synopsis: Three months ago, Jalea Pippens — a phlebotomist at St. John Hospital in Detroit — had her hours cut. In the midst of the pandemic, the 23-year-old found herself in dire need of a second income stream. One night, while scrolling through search results for “ways to make extra money,” she came across vending machines. She partnered up with her boyfriend and another business partner, bought a vending machine on Facebook Marketplace for $1.6k, and plunked it down at a local auto parts store, where it now grosses $400 per month.

Public Link: https://thehustle-co.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/thehustle.co/the-economics-of-vending-machines/amp/

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