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Business Breakdown: Airbnb

Publish Date: 21-01-2021

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Synopsis: Airbnb is a market leader with powerful competitive advantages, a strong management team, and multiple reliable growth drivers. The company is facing increased competition as competitors realize the nature and goals of travel are rapidly changing for many consumers. However, Airbnb is well positioned to take advantage of pent-up travel demand post Covid-19. Unlike some of its competitors, the company is heavily exposed to consumer travel, which will remain popular, while underexposed to corporate travel, with a questionable path to recovery. If Airbnb can withstand downward price pressure from competing hotels and rental companies as the number and quality of travel offerings increase, the company will remain a market leader in the space long-term, and a favorite for those looking for a unique travel experience.

Public Link: https://www.businessbreakdowns.org/airbnb/

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