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“Cool Projects” or “Expanding the Efficiency of the Murderous American War Machine?” AI Professionals’ Views on Working With the Department of Defense

Publish Date: 01-11-2020

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Source: Center for Security and Emerging Technology


Type: Report

Synopsis: In a world where computing technologies such as artificial intelligence are increasingly critical for government operations and national security, the nature of the relationship between the U.S. tech industry and the Department of Defense is important. Recent highly publicized incidents of tech employee pushback against DOD-funded AI projects have created the perception of a rift between the tech industry and DOD. If true, such a rift would have serious implications for public policy, national security, and the future of AI. But are recent examples of employee pushback representative of the feelings of the entire tech industry? Specifically, how do tech professionals with AI-relevant skills feel about working on DOD-funded projects?

Public Link: https://live-cset-georgetown.pantheonsite.io/research/cool-projects-or-expanding-the-efficiency-of-the-murderous-american-war-machine/

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