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Global Mobile Trends 2021

Publish Date: 15-12-2020

Publish Frequency: 1

Source: GSMA


Type: Report

Synopsis: Beyond Covid-19, our report analyses the telecom industry’s underlying trends, such as 5G adoption, which are building momentum and shaping the telecom sector outlook. Other trends include network transformation and the shift to open RAN; enterprise digitisation; changes to consumer entertainment consumption from streaming and immersive reality; and the 4G smartphone wave in emerging markets. Provided there is a gradual economic recovery in 2021, we expect activity in each of these areas to gather pace,” said the GSMA Intelligence’s Head of Research, Tim Hatt.

Public Link: https://data.gsmaintelligence.com/api-web/v2/research-file-download?id=58621970&file=141220-Global-Mobile-Trends.pdf

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