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Made in Germany, Co-opted by China

Publish Date: 14-10-2020

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Source: Foundation for Defense of Democracies


Type: Report

Synopsis: MIC2025 is part of Beijing’s larger Go Out strategy – a long-standing bid to co-opt international resources to serve China’s positioning. MIC2025 itself focuses on establishing strategic footholds in global manufacturing and then using them to assert control over the international economy. These footholds require capabilities and positioning unique to Germany.Beijing’s intentions are not benign. China’s “complementary” cooperation is designed to use capabilities and leverage siphoned from Germany to export China’s control to Germany by proliferating standards, locking in critical dependencies, and ensuring information dominance. To that end, MIC2025 pursues beachheads everywhere from critical supply chains to telecommunications to logistics standards. Throughout, Beijing’s MCF apparatus will convert cutting-edge advances from German’s innovators, such as KUKA, into coercive tools for China’s armed forces.

Public Link: https://www.fdd.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/fdd-monograph-made-in-germany-co-opted-by-china.pdf

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