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Internet Trends 2018

Publish Date: 30-05-2018

Publish Frequency: 1

Source: Kleiner Perkins


Type: Report

Synopsis: We focus on trends around data + personalization; high relative levels of tech company R&D + Capex Spending; E-Commerce innovation + revenue acceleration; ways in which the Internet is helping consumers contain expenses + drive income (via on-demand work) + find learning opportunities. We review the consumerization of enterprise software and, lastly, we focus on China’s rising intensity & leadership in Internet-related markets. At 3.6B, the number of Internet users has surpassed half the world’s population. When markets reach mainstream, new growth gets harder to find - evinced by 0% new smartphone unit shipment growth in 2017.

Public Link: http://www.kleinerperkins.com/internettrends

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