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The Bitcoin Reformation

Publish Date: 07-11-2019

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Source: Adamant Capital


Type: Report

Synopsis: This report makes the case that the 21st century emergence of bitcoin, encryption, the internet, and millennials are more than just trends; they herald a wave of change that exhibits similar dynamics as the 16-17th century revolution that took place in Europe. Some of the conclusions our report suggests: • Bitcoin tolerance versus intolerance to become a major political faultline • Bitcoin’s primary drivers will be in saving, lending and underwriting • Collaborative custody to become an industry standard • Offshore banking may transform into bitcoin banking • Bitcoin to mature quickly: bonds, annuities, loans, insurance • Initial exchange offerings (IEOs) expected to stay and grow larger • Bitcoin savers could accelerate a revolution in the history of though

Public Link: https://docsend.com/view/ijd8qrs

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