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The Future of Payments Part I Cash: the Dinosaur Will Survive…For Now

Publish Date: 15-01-2020

Publish Frequency: 1

Source: Deutsche Bank


Type: Report

Synopsis: This piece is the first in a series of three pieces that examines the past, present, and future of the payments industry. We analyse the unexpected results of our proprietary survey of 3,600 customers across the US, UK, China, Germany, France and Italy and forecast trends in cash, online, mobile, crypto, and blockchain. The implications for customers and business are important; the potential macro and geopolitical consequences are profound.

Public Link: https://www.dbresearch.com/PROD/RPS_EN-PROD/PROD0000000000504353/The_Future_of_Payments_-_Part_I__Cash%3A_the_Dinosau.pdf

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