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Internet Trends 2009

Publish Date: 20-10-2009

Publish Frequency: annual

Source: Morgan Stanley

Author(s): Mary Meeker

Type: Report

Synopsis: • Financial Market + Economy Update / Dashboard 1. Financial Markets Have Rebounded, Technology Sector = Relatively Impressive. 2. Leading Economic Indicators Seem to Have Turned Corner, Coincident / Lagging Indicators Still Weak. • Mobile = Incremental Driver of Internet User / Usage Growth 1. Mobile Internet Usage Is and Will Be Bigger than Most Think. 2. Apple Mobile Share Should Surprise on Upside Near-Term. 3. Next Generation Platforms (Social Networking + Mobile) Driving Unprecedented Change in Communications + Commerce. 4. Mobile in Japan + Desktop Internet Provide Roadmaps for Mobile Growth + Monetization. 5. 3G Adoption / Trends Vary By Geography. 6. Carriers in USA / W. Europe Face Surging Network Demand But Uncertain Economics. 7. Regulators Can Help Advance / Slow Mobile Internet Evolution. 8. Mobile-Related Share Shifts Will Create / Destroy Material Shareholder Wealth.

Public Link: https://www.bondcap.com/report/it09/#view/1

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