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Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2021

Publish Date: 30-06-2021

Publish Frequency: annual

Source: Reuters Institute and the University of Oxford

Author(s): Nic Newman Richard Fletcher Anne Schulz Simge Andi Craig T. Robertson Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Type: Report

Synopsis: This is the tenth edition of our Digital News Report and a milestone for us in that the 46 markets covered this year account for more than half the world’s population. We are particularly proud to be able to include more countries in the Global South, primarily because we hope the data and analysis we present are useful for journalists, editors, and media executives there, but also because we strongly believe their colleagues elsewhere can learn a lot from the situation in countries where news media have long faced political attacks, financial precarity, and internet users heavily oriented towards mobile and social media – some of the realities journalists in historically more privileged parts of the world increasingly have to deal with.

Public Link: https://reutersinstitute.politics.ox.ac.uk/sites/default/files/2021-06/Digital_News_Report_2021_FINAL.pdf

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