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The Promise of Low-Carbon Freight

Publish Date: 30-08-2021

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Source: Pedal Me

Author(s): Ersilia Verlinghieri Irena Itova Nicolas Collignon Rachel Aldred

Type: Report

Synopsis: The promise of low-carbon freight report from climate charity Possible and the Active Travel Academy looks at the benefits of electric cargo (e-cargo) bikes in London. Using GPS data from Pedal Me cargo bike routes and comparing them to the routes that vans would have had to take to deliver the same parcels, the research found that e-cargo bikes an deliver goods about 60% faster than vans in London, on average.

Public Link: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5d30896202a18c0001b49180/t/61091edc3acfda2f4af7d97f/1627987694676/The+Promise+of+Low-Carbon+Freight.pdf

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