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The Bitcoin Times

Publish Date: 05-12-2021

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Source: The Bitcoin Times

Author(s): Allen Farrington Aleks Svetski Alex McShane Brandon Quittem Peter St Onge Craig Warmke Tomer Strolight Makena Rhodes Satoshi Nakamoto

Type: Report

Synopsis: The Bitcoin Times Ed 4, realeased on NYE of 2021 is a message of hope for a future that we have the power to create and one we can be proud to hand down to our kin. It's full of a new set of incredible long form essays, including a partial fiction from Peter St Onge and a beautiful story by Tomer Strolight. It also includes two of the most minblowing works of big-brained Bitcoin art by Aleks Svetski (Fire, Bitcoin, Teleportation) & Brandon Quittem (The Pioneer Species). Allen Farrington and Craig Warmke deliver their own philosophical treatises on the separation of money state, and the question of Bitcoin or no Bitcoin. Finally, Alex McShane writes the foreword for what is once again an incredibly profound collection of timeless Bitcoin works. We hope you enjoy it, and continue to follow and support all the contributors.

Public Link: https://sites.google.com/getamber.io/thebitcointimes/ED_4

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