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Bitcoin, Currencies, and Bubbles

Publish Date: 20-06-2021

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Source: Nassim Taleb

Author(s): Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Type: Literature/Paper

Synopsis: This discussion applies quantitative finance methods and economic arguments to cryptocurrencies in general and bitcoin in particular —as there are about 10,000 cryptocurrencies, we focus (unless otherwise specified) on the most discussed crypto of those that claim to hew to the original protocol [1] and the one with, by far, the largest market capitalization. In its current version, in spite of the hype, bitcoin failed to satisfy the notion of "currency without government" (it proved to not even be a currency at all), can be neither a short or long term store of value (its expected value is no higher than 0), cannot operate as a reliable inflation hedge, and, worst of all, does not constitute, not even remotely, safe haven for one’s investments, shield against government tyranny, or tail protection vehicle for catastrophic episodes.

Public Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5jwrgf9l4j41dtx/Taleb%20-%20Bitcoin_Currencies_and_Bubbles.pdf

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