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Living Wage Calculator

Publish Date: 28-12-2021

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Source: MIT

Author(s): Amy K. Glasmeier Carey Anne Nadeau

Type: Literature/Paper

Synopsis: The living wage model is an alternative measure of basic needs. It is a market-based approach that draws upon geographically specific expenditure data related to a family's likely minimum food, childcare, health insurance, housing, transportation, cell phone and broad band service, funds for civic engagement (see page 8 of this document for details) and other necessities (e.g., clothing, personal care items, etc.) costs. The living wage draws on these cost elements and the rough effects of income and payroll taxes to determine the minimum employment earnings necessary to meet a family's basic needs while also maintaining self-sufficiency.

Public Link: https://livingwage.mit.edu/resources/Living-Wage-Users-Guide-Technical-Documentation-2021-12-28.pdf

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