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Age of Invention: Bears, Bulls, and the Bard

Publish Date: 20-11-2021

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Source: Age of Invention

Author(s): Anton Howes

Type: Article

Synopsis: Although I’ve changed the title, this is really the third instalment of my ongoing series on the early history of the English patent system, leading up to the widely misunderstood Statute of Monopolies of 1624. I changed the title from “Statute of Monopolies, Part III” because the series has turned out to be a lot longer than I was expecting, and I worry that you’re wondering when you’ll actually find out about the statute. Rest assured, it’s coming, but I think this is a very rich and interesting vein to explore in full.

Public Link: https://antonhowes.substack.com/p/age-of-invention-bears-bulls-and

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