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2021 Global Retirement Index

Publish Date: 31-12-2021

Publish Frequency: annual

Source: Natixis

Author(s): Dave Goodsell

Type: Report

Synopsis: In 2021, the world is full of uncertainties for retirees and those saving for retirement. Security is a critical issue — from the immediate challenges of more waves of the pandemic, to longer-term questions about the environment, geopolitics, and inflation. Retirement is clearly among the top issues for investors. In fact, 40% of investors say “it will take a miracle” to retire securely.1 The 2021 Natixis Global Retirement Index looks at the state of retirement security around the world — and takes a deep dive into four critical concerns for retirement savers, including inflation, interest rates, public debt, and a world of worries.

Public Link: https://www.im.natixis.com/us/resources/2021-global-retirement-index-full-report

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