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Only The Strong Survive

Publish Date: 19-09-2021

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Source: stuff by allen

Author(s): Allen Farrington Big Al

Type: Literature/Paper

Synopsis: In this piece we discuss our concerns around the broader “crypto” space beyond Bitcoin. Our arguments revolve around three primary themes: Philosophical, Technical, and Economic. From a philosophical perspective, we discuss the core properties that make Bitcoin work and that make it unique, in our view. From a technicalperspective, we evaluate how these properties are lacking to a greater or lesser extent in alternative “cryptoassets,” having been designed out again on questionable philosophical justifications. From an economic perspective, we walkthrough our concerns that “crypto” has not shown a path to establishing a basis for justifiable real-world value, explain why we believe this would be very difficult to ever accomplish, and suggest therefore that their technical flaws are especially vulnerable. Given the complexity of the task we have set ourselves, this piece is intended to bring our arguments into long form and provide a discussion base for good faith disagreement.

Public Link: https://www.uncerto.com/only-the-strong-survive

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