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2021 State of the mobile baseband

Publish Date: 04-08-2021

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Source: Digits to Dollars

Author(s): Digits to Dollars

Type: Article

Synopsis: Smartphone vendors are struggling to differentiate their products. Apple does this with its hardware/software combination, but none of the other vendors control the Operating System they use. Instead, they are dependent on Google who is seemingly ambivalent about Android. This leaves the AP as one of the few ways these other vendors can differentiate. This point has been hammered home lately as Apple seems to have picked up much (maybe most) of the share opened up by Huawei’s exit. At the same time, pricing for Android phones has come under pressure, see above about the rapid proliferation of 5G phones.

Public Link: https://digitstodollars.com/2021/08/04/2021-state-of-the-mobile-baseband/

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