/terminal corp evolution 2021 Q3

2021 Q3

Some mental models reviewed this quarter.

All fundamental change is cohort change
  • Cultures do not change when people replace old ideas with new ones; cultures change when people with new ideas replace the people with old ones.
  • For nearly everyone, our values/theories/musical tastes/sports teams/cultural and political beliefs/national identity are all biologically locked at puberty.

  • It makes for great theater
  • The most prestigious liberal institutions of the pre-digital age are the most invested in fighting disinformation... https://d2ksis2z2ke2jq.cloudfront.net/uploads/2021/06/groupmglobaladforecast_June2021.pdf
  • ...reveals a lot about what they stand to lose, or hope to regain...[page 18]

  • Long term, that matters
  • A 16 years and $900 million undertaking by LVMH to transform a 1928 art deco building.

  • The arrival of Spring
  • David Hockney, age 84, new body of 116 works.
  • Working on the iPad requires the ability to draw and paint.

  • Three competing factions
  • CCP: you must submit, we are powerful.
  • Woke: you must sympathize/apologize, you are powerful.
  • BTC: you must be sovereign, de-platform.