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Ahead membership

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Skin in the game is the only signal that matters.

Too many investors leading syndicates,
writing the smallest check and charging a high carry.

Ahead members can co-invest with PIRQUE,
but we are always the largest check.
If you lose, we lose the same or more.

With the one-year Ahead membership you can:

  • co-invest in modern companies
    (to get accepted into our syndicate you must be an accredited investor)
    PIRQUE is always the largest check
    no upfront capital commitment
    no management fee
    only 2% carry
  • access the in-house investment research that guides PIRQUE’s investments
  • join a network of modern investors, mostly long-term oriented business families
  • after a couple of years, potentially get invited to become a shareholder of PIRQUE

free distribution list
$1,000 per year
invite only
research archives
latest research
with intel call
join syndicate
0% management fee
2% carry
limited max
0% management fee
0% carry
unlimited max


The “1,000 per year” button will take you to a Stripe checkout.
You can pay with any debit/credit card.
Stripe Inc processes all payment-related data.
Pirque does not see any payment data.
An invoice is emailed to you after your purchase is completed.
Why Stripe? https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe