/terminal research stats abbreviations


Abbreviation Definition
Jan, Feb, Mar, Months as "Mmm"
US, JP, DE Countries use top level denomination
SFO, SCL Cities use IATA code
$TWLO Ticker Symbol use stocktwits convention
YTD year-to-date
yr year
YoY year-over-year
x times
WiFi wireless fidelity
w/o without
w/ with
VW  Volkswagen
vs versus
VR Virtual Reality
VC venture capital
v version
UK United Kingdom
tx transaction
TV Television
tech technology
t trillion (10^12)
SUV sport utility vehicle
ST short term (Less than one year)
SMS Short Message Service
SMB small medium-size businesses
SIM subscriber identity module
SD secure digital
SaaS software as a service
s second
R&D research and development
Q4 forth quarter (of calendar year)
Q3 third quarter (of calendar year)
Q2 second quarter (of calendar year)
Q1 first quarter (of calendar year)
Q&A questions and answers
pymt payments
pop population
POF Plenty of Fish - Dating
PC personal computer
oz troy ounce
OS operating system
org organizations
NYSE New York Stock Exchange
NYC New York City
NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NFL National Football League
nets networks
NBA National Basketball Association
NASDAQ National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
MUFG Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
mph miles per hour
mo month
MLB Major League Baseball
mkt sh market share
mkt market
mi miles
Mbps megabytes per second
MB megabyte (10^6)
MAU monthly active users
m million (10^6)
LTE long-term evolution (telecommunication)
LT long term (more than a year)
lang languages
kB kilobyte (10^3)
k thousand (10^3)
IT information technology
iOS Apple's mobile operating system
intl international
infra infrastructure
incl including
ICO initial coin offering
hr hour
hq headquarters
HD high-definition
GW gigawatt
GSachs Goldman Sachs
gov't government
GDP gross domestic product
GB gigabyte (10^9)
FY fiscal year
FX foreign exchange market
FTE full time employee
EV electrical vehicles
ETH ether
ETF exchange-traded fund
ea each
E estimate (forecasted by someone)
DVR Digital Video Recorder
dept department
DAU daily active users
d/l download
CSuisse Credit Suisse 
corp corporations
comp adv competitive advantage
CIBC Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
CFTC U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
cap capitalization
c. circa
byte unit of digital information
BTC bitcoin
biz business
b/yr billion per year
b billion (10^9)
AWS Amazon Web Services
avg average
app application (computer program)
AI artificial intelligence
ad advertisement
ACH automated clearing house
4G fourth generation of broadband cellular network technology
1H first half (of calendar year)
about equal
~ approximate
+"…" before the number means positive
"…"X number of times
"…"+ after, means plus, as 18m+ = 18 million plus, or over 18 million
for all (mathematical operator)
ATH All Time High